Battlefield 1942 Free on Origin

To celebrate the Battlefield series’ 10th anniversary, Battlefield 1942 is available for free, to allow everyone to see where the whole series started!

The game is now live, under the demo section on Origin.

Todd Howard’s DICE Keynote

I’ve just watched Bethesda’s Todd Howard and his DICE Keynote over on Gamespot.. “Why we Play, Why we Create”.

I found it rather interesting.. best practises in development, moods, why ideas sometimes have to be cut, and so on, all giving examples from the development of Skyrim.

Then there was the awesome “sizzle” video from Game Jam Week (21 mins in on the above video)!

For Game Jam Week, the team was told to make something cool for adding to the game.  They came up with loads of ideas, some of which didn’t make it to the game, but still.. so many brilliant ideas and improvements!

Magical and Ranged kill cams would have been great, and I’d have liked to ride a dragon or build my own home too!  I’m sure these and many more will be available soon through the Creation Kit, though 🙂