Dead Space 3 Launches with 11 DLC Packs

Dead Space 3 is to launch with 11 DLC packs.  The packs range from adding new weapons and suits to upgrades for the Scavenger Bot to improve its loot gathering speed, capacity, and even its personality.

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Dead Space 3 Includes Microtransactions For Crafting

Dead Space 3 is to include microtransactions during weapon crafting: Eurogamer discovered mention of downloadable content during a hands-on session with the game, when a player tries to craft a weapon they don’t have enough resources for.

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Dead Space 3 Demo and N7 Armour

The Dead Space 3 Demo lands today for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3!  The demo features a single-player segment as well as the new co-op play, hostile environment and weapon crafting.

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Dead Space 3 Demo Preview

I got my early access key for the Dead Space 3 demo on Tuesday, for the Xbox 360, and finally got around to taking a look last night.  As well as the usual single player missions, this demo includes a preview of the new Co-Op mode and the Weapon Crafting Arena.

The demo starts with Isaac Clarke leaving his crashed ship and wading through deep snow.. it’s a beautifully created world out here in the snow, such a harsh atmosphere and a whistling wind that made me feel cold just hearing it.  You’re prompted to hurry along and find shelter before you die of exposure.. so through the snow, past a few enemies with horrible, sprouting appendages, onto shaky, collapsing platforms..

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