E3 2012: Second Day’s Offerings

Picking through the news for what’s happened overnight at E3.. there’s been a lot more love for the Wii U, with plenty more games announced for the system.. more mention of the PS Vita, which apparently won’t be getting a price cut, and release dates for a trio of Mario titles for the 3DS.. all later this year.


Various Gaming News

Indie Royale’s The Spring Bundle has been released, featuring six indie games: Futuremark‘s tower defence variant Unstoppable Gorg, Soldak Entertainment‘s action RPG Depths of Peril, Secret Base‘s platformer Tobe’s Vertical Adventure, all available on Steam, and three downloadable games from Radiangames: twin-stick RPG Inferno+, puzzler Slydris, and a twin-stick arcade shooter, Ballistic.  The bundle is available on a pay what you want scheme with a minimum price currently just under £3, but those who pay at least $5 or £3.15 will also receive Danimal Cannon’s chiptune music album Roots!

THQ have announced that Darksiders 2 is to be delayed, apparently at the request of Vigil, and will now not launch on July 29th in the UK.  This is good news, as it means the developers will be able to properly polish the game.  THQ have had a boost from the sales of Saints Row: The Third, which has sold over 4 million copies and brought in more revenue for the company than expected. (more…)

In the News – 6th March

Mass Effect 3 launched today for the Americans, with the UK release due on Friday.  The game currently has a Metacritic score of 93, while the user score is currently at 2.5.  Political voting?  I think so.

The latest that the multiplayer will have an effect on the ending of your singleplayer game.  As you complete missions and earn the support of different people, you gain them as War Assets: the game takes the number of collected War Assets into consideration when calculating your ending.. and it seems that you need a fairly high number of them.  During multiplayer, you can improve your Readiness rating.  This rating is used as a multiplier against your War Assets, so has a positive effect. (more…)

THQ Japan Shutting Down

THQ Japan is shutting down on February 29th, with all staff leaving the company.  This is said to be due to the recent financial problems of the parent US company.  Via VG247.

This closure was rumoured a fortnight ago, when THQ made employees in their Australian office redundant.  These offices were said to be involved in distribution, rather than game development.

THQ have just announced a release date and pre-order details for Darksiders II, and the latest installation in their MMA franchise, UFC Undisputed 3, releases on Friday in the UK for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Darksiders II – Release Date Announced

THQ have announced that Vigil‘s action-adventure Darksiders II will be released for the PS3, 360 and PC on the 29th June 2012.

Exclusive pre-order bonuses have been announced too: the ‘Death Rides’ pack from GAME contains extra side-quests, the ‘Deadly Despair’ pack is available via Amazon and adds a speed boost for Death’s steed, Despair, and the  ‘Angel of Death’ pack will provide enhanced armour and weapons.. the shop this preorder will be available through has not yet been announced.

Darksiders II – Behind the Mask: Death Rises

THQ have released a new developer diary for Vigil Games’ Darksiders II, focusing on Death..

The story in Darksiders II runs alongside that of Darksiders, with War having been convicted and sent to Earth by the Charred Council.  The remaining three Horsemen are informed of this, but believe War to have been set up.  Death sets out to prove War’s innocence.. with a much larger game world filled with quests, loot, and powerful enemies to defeat.

In the developer diary, the Vigil team talk about the differences between War and Death, Death’s fighting abilities and the types of weapons he can use.. with a brief mention of the improved depth to the world players will experience in Darksiders II.

Darksiders II is planned for release in June for the PC, PS3 and 360, with a Wii U version planned for the launch of that system later in 2012.

Rumour: THQ in Trouble?

There have been a number of tweets going around today noting that THQ are apparently offering themselves up for sale, have cancelled work on all their 2014 line up (including the Warhammer 40k MMO, Dark Millennium Online) as well as having returned IP to Disney.

THQ’s share price has falled to $0.65, the lowest it’s been all year, with a total market value just under $50 million.

UFC: Undisputed 3, Darksiders II, Metro: Last Light, South Park: The Game and WWE Brawl are scheduled for 2012, with inSANE and Devil’s Third scheduled for 2013.