Albion Online Introduces Upgradable Islands

In preparation for the closed beta of the first true cross-platform sandbox MMORPG Albion Online this November, developer Sandbox Interactive continues to bring good news to the fans of the Albion Universe – one of the most unique features, Albion’s system of Private Islands, receives a highly anticipated ‘upgrade’.  After listening to community requests to expand upon the idea, the developers decided to improve the player experience by introducing different island levels with additional building and farming plots, as well as a broader variety of decorative options so that players can customize the environment.

Albion Online Logo PR


Q.U.B.E: Director’s Cut – Wii U

Q.U.B.E: Director’s Cut is the new version of the original indie physics puzzle game Q.U.B.E., released on Steam in December 2011, containing more challenges, an expanded story and new levels including the Against the Qlock time trials.  It has been released on PC and more recently Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and finally to the Wii U.  We received a copy of the game for Wii U for this review.




Kyn is a fast-paced role-playing strategy game set in a world of Viking mythology and magic, with six playable characters with highly customisable stats and abilities as well as a deep crafting and loot system.  Kyn has been developed by two-man team Tangrin, and published by Versus Evil.

Kyn Load Screen


Hawken Enters Open Beta

Hawken, the free to play mech-based shooter by Meteor Entertainment and Adhesive Games, has now entered open beta.


Players take on the role of the pilot of a giant robotic war machine, battling against other mechs across ruined cities and desert canyons.  Mechs are customisable, with differing chassis sizes and weapon loadouts, and can be upgraded as you progress and unlock bonuses.

The beta client is available here.

RIFT: Storm Legion Launches Today

RIFT’s first expansion, Storm Legion, launches today, adding two huge new continents and dramatically increasing the size of the world.  There’s a new powerful enemy to contend with too: Crucia, who aims to remake the fabric of the planes and loose her Storm Legion on all who would stand in her way.