Duskers First Update

Duskers’ developers, Misfits Attic, have been listening to the community and have now updated the game with a variety of upgrades and fixes.


Path of Exile – First Look

While looking at some Diablo III postings, I saw rather a lot of spam comments trying to redirect fans over to Path of Exile.  Normally, I ignore spam and condemn the author, but there were a lot of comments, and I was curious.  A quick look around turned up a game that’s still in beta, but already has a bit of a following..

Path of Exile - Exiles


Minion Master

Minion Master is a tactical board game, where players battle with armies of miniatures summoned and controlled via a customisable deck of cards.  It is currently available from the website and on Desura, with a campaign for Steam Greenlight running.

Minion Master - Minions Battle (more…)

New Steam Community Feature – Game Guides

Steam’s latest Community Feature Beta has been revealed – Game Guides.

After joining the Steam Community Beta Group, players will be able to create guides to help other gamers in whichever game they like. (more…)

Steam Greenlight – Live Now

Steam Greenlight has now gone live, allowing the community to vote for indie games they’d like to see available on Steam.

Users can browse the games entered into the system, vote for or against an entry, ask questions or leave feedback.  To get a game on the system, the developer needs to submit the game information, screenshots and videos; the only requirements at this point are that the game runs on the PC, and does not contain offensive material or violate copyright or intellectual property rights.