In the News – 6th March

Mass Effect 3 launched today for the Americans, with the UK release due on Friday.  The game currently has a Metacritic score of 93, while the user score is currently at 2.5.  Political voting?  I think so.

The latest that the multiplayer will have an effect on the ending of your singleplayer game.  As you complete missions and earn the support of different people, you gain them as War Assets: the game takes the number of collected War Assets into consideration when calculating your ending.. and it seems that you need a fairly high number of them.  During multiplayer, you can improve your Readiness rating.  This rating is used as a multiplier against your War Assets, so has a positive effect. (more…)

Castle Story Iconography

This week, the Sauropod team’s development blog for Castle Story includes a look at some icons, mouse cursors and HUD designs.. they haven’t said what they’re all for, but the purposes can be guessed at.  I like the clean look of these, though.

Sounds like the game engine is coming along nicely too, with more interactive objects being developed.. doors to let Bricktrons in, but keep monsters out.. I really do love the sound of this game.

The treat for the week is a Bricktron speedpaint!  I love to see how people draw their creations 🙂

Castle Story Developer Blog 1

Castle Story devs, Sauropod Studio, have posted their first weekly development blog, where they list some of the work they’ve done this week.

They’ve also taken on a new team member, and one of the existing two developers is quitting his job to work full-time on the game, which can only be good for development!

Castle Story Timelapse

Sauropod Studio, creators of upcoming voxel-based RTS Castle Story, have released a timelapse video showing some new gameplay mechanics: gathering wood, mining, and the day and night cycle!

Castle Story – Bricks

The first demonstration for Sauropod Studio‘s Castle Story was released earlier this month, showing a little of what the game is about and causing a bit of a stir..

The guys have now started to reveal a little more about the basics of the game, with a 101 on bricks revealing that blocks will have physics.  A post about the technical aspects of the game is due next week!

Castle Story – First Demo

The two-man development team Sauropod Studio have revealed the first demo of Castle Story, a voxel-based real-time strategy game currently in development for the PC.

The game takes place on a set of floating islands, with the player controlling little yellow characters called Bricktrons.  The aim is to gather resources and build a castle, then withstand attacks from creatures and other players..

One to watch!