After many hours playing Sol Survivor I finally got the “Xenocide” badge, for killing 1000 creeps on a map!

I’d had one soul remaining from around the 26th minute, so I didn’t expect to get it this time, but the upgraded laser turrets did their job nicely 🙂

Sol Survivor

I’ve been badge-chasing in Survival Mode over the last few weeks, aiming for all the gold badges for lasting 20 minutes, as well as going for a few others requiring the use of a specific Commander or to kill off a certain number of enemies.

Should you upgrade your towers or not?  The cost per firepower seems to suggest that a fully-upgraded tower does more damage than multiple level 1 towers, but having more towers means you can be hitting more enemies at once.

For a while I was unable to quite make it to 20 minutes, being finished off around 18 or 19 minutes in.  I eventually made it on the Cwm map by going mad with level 1 towers, with plenty of railguns for their massive range.

Surviving Survival

I thought WoW was meant to be addictive, but I’m finding Sol Survivor’s survival mode more so..

In singleplayer, I’m obsessively chasing the badges, with the current goal of getting the gold badge for each.. it took ages to get the Cwm map with a load of attempts coming in around 20 to 30 seconds short of the required 20 minutes.

A friend offered to help me get the badges, so there was more co-op multiplayer.

The Undoer’s “Wall of Death” was made of lasers in this game, and aside from being rather nice to look at, are quite effective.

We also tried out the versus mode; the map was split up with coloured sections to show where you could place turrets, and we each had a drop point and base.  The “Wall of Death” was more effective than my tactic of spreading out different types of tower along the path, and I lost. 🙁

We managed another three-player game during the week too.. now how’s this for a light-show? 😀