Legendary Pants

I completed Diablo III a while back, with a Demon Hunter.. and played around a little in Nightmare mode.  I remember being frustrated because I had to resort to the Auction House: I wasn’t able to take on Diablo in the gear I’d found or crafted along the way.  The loot drops were poor, and crafting was just too expensive and too hit-and-miss in terms of the magic effects.  When you have to craft four or five pairs of boots to get a pair with your primary stat, that’s not fun.

Diablo III - Legendary Pants - Pox Faulds (more…)

World-First Diablo III HC Inferno Clear Confirmed

Blizzard have confirmed the world-first Diablo III Hardcore Inferno Clear, which was completed prior to the 1.0.3 patch.  Canadian gamer Kripp was playing a Barbarian, and had help from a Wizard friend, Krippi.

He’s uploaded the video of their fight with Diablo, from the Barbarian’s perspective: and it’s a long fight!


The Enchanted Lantern

I collect pets and mounts in WoW, and knowing this, a friend said that if I were to get a Maelstrom Crystal, he would make me an Enchanted Lantern.

Tonight, I remembered to look in the Auction House for one, but was fairly shocked at the price of the crystals.. I decided I’d rather just wait for now, and either the price would come down, or we’d eventually come across one for ourselves.

My friends didn’t wait though, and between them got a crystal and made the pet anyway! 🙂

The lantern was a lot bigger and brighter than I expected.. like the Wind Rider Cub, it also flew when I did 🙂