Nibblers Launched

Angry Birds creator Rovio Entertainment Ltd is pleased to introduce the Nibblers, a daring group of fish out of water venturing from the waves to explore the Lands Above – and partake of its forbidden fruits.



Angry Frogs!

A long while ago, I was introduced to Angry Birds, an addictive puzzle game which has you firing a variety of birds at the homes of Pigs.  I played this first on Tim’s phone, and then more recently on the PC, where I made a little more progress as I was able to sit down with it for more than a few minutes.

Today, I spotted a mention of the game on Twitter, shortly followed by a mention of “Angry Frogs”!  It appeared to be a copy of Angry Birds, but still.. I had to try it.. but I soon wished I hadn’t.

The gameplay itself was no more than a copy of Angry Birds’, with frogs instead of birds being fired at their target via slingshot.

Something was missing though.. Angry Birds had a nice little intro, where you saw that the pigs had stolen the birds’ eggs to cook for breakfast.. enough to see them as the bad guys.  No such intro on Angry Frogs.. and even having played the first three levels, I don’t know what the enemies are meant to be.. red frogs? dragons? snakes?

The graphics though, were really poor, lacking the polish and clear effort that Rovio had put into Angry Birds.  Weaker backgrounds could have been forgiven, but the graphics for the frogs, enemies and their bases were also bad, despite being something so simple.

Angry Frogs really is a shameless and charmless rip-off all round.. one to avoid!