Surprise Mechano-Hog

After the success I found in making money to get my Mechano-Hog, we came up with the idea of getting a Mechano-Hog for our other friend.

This meant a lot more herb farming, as my ridiculous stash of glyphs had run rather low, and as we wanted it to be a surprise, we had to avoid suggesting dungeons in case he came on and spotted my achievement via the guild page, or in case he caught me riding the bike.

There were a few close calls, but eventually we had all we needed.. we chased him down to hand it over in person, all wrapped up with a nice red bow.. for the Horde, of course 😉

I think it went down fairly well!
There was certainly a lot of jumping around, and a few moments of silence 😉

The Mechano-Hog also comes with a side-car, useable by any party-member.
When I asked for the bike I hadn’t realised it came with a side-car as standard, so this was actually a surprise for me too 🙂

Having seen how easy it is to get the money together, I might just be saving up for the Sandstone Drake next 🙂

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