Steam Community Market Enters Beta

The Steam Community Market has now entered Beta, allowing players to buy and sell items for Steam Wallet funds.

Steam Community Market

Eligible items, marked as “Marketable” in your Steam inventory, can be sold from the Community Market home page, or from within your inventory: the initial launch will be limited to Team Fortress 2 consumables and tools, with more items from TF2 and other games to be added in the future.

Steam users will only be eligible to participate in the Community Market if they have a successful purchase on their account between 30 days and one year ago, and have had Steam Guard enabled for 15 days.  These restrictions are in place to prevent misuse of stolen accounts.

Successful trades will be subject to both a listing fee and a transaction fee, and any earnings will appear in the seller’s Steam Wallet, where they can be used anywhere within Steam.

For more information, check out the Community Market FAQ.

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