Stay Dead Demo

Over the weekend, I checked out the demo for Stay Dead, a unique motion picture game by Brucefilm featuring round-based live action fighting with rhythm style controls.

Stay Dead

Fighters are portrayed by actors, with attacking or defensive moves chosen by the player at the start of each round.  To successfully carry out a move, you have to press the indicated button when a moving square reaches the target shown on screen.  Getting the timing wrong means your attack or defense will fail.. you’ll miss, cause no damage, or your fighter will be hit!  I felt bad for my fighter the first time this happened, so it worked as an incentive to get better 😉

The fights take place across 10 rounds, aiming to remove 10 points of energy from your opponent.  Simple attacks cause 1 point of damage, combos cause 2, 3 or 4 points of damage, and defensive moves add 2 points to the next attack, and you can string your moves together as you like.

Stay Dead - Choose Your Move

The full game includes more fighters with different fighting styles: to win the game you have to fight your way through them all to defeat the boss.

I’m not really a fan of fighting games, but I found this quite interesting.

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