Star Wars – Battlefront II

A friend bought me this during the recent Steam sale, but up till now I’d only looked at the tutorial.  We finally went for a multiplayer session on a nice private server..  I was very glad of bots as it allowed me to go on the same team as my friends, though this then meant a few team-kills while figuring out what was going on 😉

It’s been far too long since I saw the Star Wars films, so actually reading the player models in a large scrap wasn’t too easy to start with, meaning more friendly fire than usual.

Although all the maps are included on the server rotation, we didn’t manage to see a Space level.. I believe this involves flying, so it might have been for the best.. but we had a run through capture the flag and a control point mode .  I found a rather nice sniper while on one of the control point maps, and took out plenty of unsuspecting AI..  I think the AI work on quantity rather than quality, but I like feeling a bit overpowered 😉

The Heroes only become available at intervals through the game, but are powerful and therefore fun to use.. I think I liked Darth Maul best, with his two-handed lightsabre 🙂

I only took a few screenshots while playing, but I took one of this.. a rather disturbing android torture thing in the corner of one map..

I’m not sure what to make of this.. possibly something based in the Star Wars films that I’m just missing.


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