Sol Survivor

Sol Survivor is a brilliant tower defense game from Cadenza Interactive, where you must protect colonies of innocents against the evil Ascendancy invaders.  I love tower defense, so this one was an instant winner for me 🙂

This game gives you an enormous range of turrets; from old-fashioned type pill boxes and mortars to lasers, radiation and lightening towers.. I quite like the drone turret, which sends drones to circle the enemy and shoot them, as well as the speed boost tower, which allows the towers to shoot at insane speeds.

In addition to the turrets, Sol Survivor gives you orbital support weapons, which you can use to finish off any creeps who get past the turrets.  During the earliest parts of the campaign, I preferred the fire bomb, but once I got into multiplayer and was able to try out the other support options, I found Fear and Drones became my new favourites.

Multiplayer Survival is also a lot of fun, and with the ability to share resources evenly between each member of the team, there’s no issue with one person getting an unfair share of the killing blows, and therefore the money.  I think the best we managed so far was just short of half an hour..

We also tried out multiplayer campaign, but found the earlier levels a bit too easy.  Once you’ve placed your first few turrets, the incoming creeps stand no chance.. especially with four of us vying to laser or firebomb them before they’ve even made it down the first stretch of road. 🙂

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