Silkroad Online Teases FPS and MOBA with Content Update

Joymax is teasing an upcoming update for long-running fantasy MMORPG, Silkroad Online.

Silkroad Online

Silkroad Online has three PVP modes with one-on-one action, team gameplay, and goal-oriented play.

Fortress War
The Fortress War is a bi-weekly event held every first and third Sunday of the month at 17:00 UTC (GMT). During this intense hour of combat, guilds compete to see who can plunge into the depths of the Fortress and claim it for their own. Guilds who conquer the stronghold are able to set the tax policy for the traders on the Silkroad, craft special items, and apply a levee to enter large cities. During the next fortress war, that guild will be challenged to maintain their hold on the Fortress, or lose their benefits!

Battle Arena
With 2v2, 8v8, 16v16 and even 32v32 combat, the arena is open twice daily to both random and arranged matches. Whether taking up arms as a party, within a guild, or divided into their two job categories, working together is tantamount to victory. Once the teams have been chosen, battle participants will be able to choose between Capture the Flag or Point Battle – and may the hardiest team win! A successful match will earn players Arena Coins, which can be used to purchase Rank 9-11 Accessories.

Battlefield of Infinity
Open 24/7, the Battlefield offers players level 70 and above a challenge that can be tackled solo or within a party of up to eight members. Players must protect their Guardian Stone during each progressive stage; if it drops to zero health, the Battlefield will end. Players will have up to two hours to complete all the tasks or they will be kicked out with no rewards. Finishing a successful run of the Battlefield will award players Arena Coins.

Silkroad Online is ready to introduce a fourth mode of PVP! Players can watch the official Silkroad Online Facebook page on March 19th for all of the news.. or to start leveling up and prepare for combat, visit the Joymax portal and join for free!

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