Shaiya, to level 5..

I was sent a tweet yesterday, telling me to try out Shaiya, a free MMO.

Since this coincided with a competition on Destructoid, I duly signed up an account, and created my character.
Here’s where I started off.. in a field, with a guard and a bunch of spiders and boar type creatures.  The first quest: go and kill some of the spiders.  Once I’d done that, it was go and kill some of the boar things..



Challenging, the game isn’t.  I did set the difficulty to easy, so I could get to level 5 quickly.. but I really didn’t expect to go around swiping creatures with my Wolverine claws, and never have to take a rest or heal myself.   I made level 5 very quickly, though. 🙂

One unavoidable point though.. when running, I am confronted by my avatar’s bottom, wriggling away with every bouncing step.
I’m zoomed out here, but yeah.. somehow, I get the feeling that I’m not the target market for this game. 😉


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