Serious Completion

We’ve had a friend round for a holiday this last week, so there was more gaming time than usual.. time to complete some games!

We completed the first in the series again a few weeks back, so went on to Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter.. with new weapons to mess around with: a chainsaw, flamethrower and a sniper rifle.  Killing enemies with the flamethrower netted me the Burn, Baby, Burn achievement, and I came close, but didn’t quite make the numbers for Bird Hunter or Space Marine.  Next time!

I loved the Medieval episode, with the huge cathedral.. for style as much as the huge open space.  While playing, we were noting just how big some of the maps are in this game.. something which has been lost a little as games are developed with more detail.. for performance and production time, I guess.

Crazy games like these are better with friends.. especially when there are so many relentless waves of enemies to be destroyed!

The final boss seemed easier to kill than the waves of enemies outside the courtyard; that fight seemed to go on for ages while meteors showered down on us.  While Mordekai teleported around a lot, three of us firing at him meant he wasn’t able to escape for long 🙂

We let our eyes rest on other games the following day.. recovering from not blinking enough during play.. then went for Serious Sam 3: BFE!

I started this game over Christmas, picking up the Christmas in Cairo achievement for a Steam challenge, and making my way through into the Museum.. none of us had previously completed this game.  Having played around in the first level at my own pace, I’d found a lot of secrets here, including some well-hidden parkour spots.  I felt a little smug being able to point them out for once 😉

Achievement hunting time too.. with Beserker available for killing three enemies with the Sledgehammer in one sprint.  My finger was glued to the button for a while!

As always, the Kamikaze swarms amused me far more than they should.. I would be quite happy with a map full of Kamikazes to chain-detonate!  As for detonations.. a new weapon in this game was the C-4 Demolition Charge, which was great for blowing up crowds of enemies or sticking to individual targets, and they did cause quite a bit of friendly fire too 😉

Another new weapon was the Sirian Mutilator, an energy weapon which I dubbed the Leash after the weapon in Bulletstorm.  There were three achievements based on the use of this weapon: Rodeo Surfer, for being dragged by a Werebull; Killer Jewellery, for killing any enemy with the weapon; and Headsman, for pulling the head off a Khnum.. this last effect can only occur when two or more players leash the enemy.

The melee grab attack added in BFE provided some amusement.. ripping body parts from enemies is maybe a little slow, but rather fun.  Throwing a torn piece of enemy at another, to kill it, was even better! 🙂

The Witch-Bride caused us some trouble with her psi and phasing abilities.. she also seemed able to deflect some of the rockets fired at her, if she didn’t just phase away by the time the rocket got to her.  I found the minigun to be one of the better weapons to use thanks to its rapid fire, along with the Devastator, assuming I had ammo left 🙂

I liked her, though, as she behaved differently than the other enemies, and I like a bit of variation.  Killing her also provided an achievement: Painful Divorce 😉

I think she would have been harder to deal with alone, because there were still plenty of other enemies around.. and with three of us watching for her, we spotted her quickly when she moved, and there was usually somebody near her new location to start shooting.

A harder fight was to be found in the run up to the Time-Lock and the final boss.. a real canyon of doom with more and more enemies being thrown at us!  We wondered if the game adds more enemies to match extra players in co-op.. I can’t imagine surviving this many enemies in single-player 😮

Eventually we got through the canyon to find the final boss: Ugh-Zan IV, a huge mutated-looking creature with regenerating health..

The Sand Whale, which I had earlier taken to be in the game purely to stop players wandering too far off-map, arrived again and started fighting Ugh-Zan IV.. giving us time to run for the weapons.  This fight was even better than expected as we were given jetpacks!

It took us a little bit to realise that the scaffolding poles were to go in his back, so that the lightning would temporarily stun him.. and more importantly, stop him regenerating.

After killing him off, it was back to the Time-Lock, and a final call to Mental..

An earlier exchange had Sam threaten to teabag Mental’s forces, while Sam was told Mental would moon him.. now it became clear that this hadn’t meant some kind of backside-baring offensive gesture, but physically punting the Moon into the Earth!

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