When I first heard about Risen, I was told it was “like Oblivion” – and in the best way – open world.  I spent a lot of time on Oblivion, and before that, Morrowind.

So, Risen, an action RPG by German developers Pirhana Bytes, and published in the UK by Deep Silver.

First impression, I was a bit disappointed I couldn’t create my own character.. that’s something I always really like to do.
Not a big deal though, because let’s face it – once you’ve left the character creation screen you never really see their face again anyways, especially once you’ve found some armour!

So.  I woke up on a beach, shipwrecked.  It’s dark, and the waves are crashing around me.  There’s plenty of junk laying about, and some dead bodies to loot.. and a tutorial character, Sara.  She wusses out as soon as we start exploring and I try to go into a cave where there are some little beasties – and when we find the first house, I’m somewhat relieved to find I get to leave her behind.

Surprisingly, the stray creatures in the world are tougher than I expected.  From what I’ve read, that’s normal in the Gothic games (the previous games by Pirhana Bytes).
I decided I’d rather level up a bit before exploring too far – if one ugly, warty hog creature can be such a problem, then two or more is just suicide. 😉

Two options – go and join The Don, a kind of outlaw – or join the Monastery.  I thought I’d go and check that out first, but as soon as I got near their little camp fire the recruits jumped me, and I was forcibly inducted into the Order.  Oh well.. I didn’t want to be a bad guy.. did I?

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