Rift To Become F2P!

Trion Worlds have announced their MMO Rift will become free to play on 12th June!

After gathering player feedback, the team have decided to include Free to Play, to allow more players to get involved with the world of Telara.

Rift to become F2P

Subscriptions will still be available for those players who want additional benefits: check out the FAQ for more details.

Along with Free to Play, there will also be an experimental exchange currency, REX (Rift Exchange).  This currency can be purchased with real money, and when consumed, grants store Credits to your wallet.  REX can also be traded between players or sold on the auction house, so they will be available to both paid and free players of Rift.

Loyalty is another feature to be added, which will reward supporters with a variety of unlockable gifts across your account.  Loyalty can be earned through purchasing and spending Credits, being a Patron (subscriber), taking part in community events, and so on.

The launch of Free to Play will coincide with the release of Rift 2.3: Empyreal Assault, which brings with it a massive new zone, the Dendrome, a 10-man Sliver, Chronicle, new rift challenges called “Strongholds”, and open-world raid bosses.

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