Retaking the Echo Isles

In preparation for Cataclysm, a nice new quest line opened up: help the Darkspear Trolls retake their homeland!

It started simple.. collecting frogs, which we then threw at markers on the islands.. all completed a bit too easily because of the low level and being in a group.  Trollin’ for Volunteers was more fun.. despite us quickly getting the required five Troll volunteers, we were able to carry on recruiting until we each had five followers!

This nice little army followed us all the way back to Sen’jin Village.. 🙂

After consulting with the spirits and receiving our rewards, I was amused by the Darkspear Pride item, which allows me to transform into a Darkspear Warrior..

We had to wait to do the last stage though, as there was already somebody doing it.  They took rather a long time, and due to this, my transformation wore off before we actually got to fight. 🙁

The fighting itself was rather hectic.. lots of enemies meant lots of Mind Sear 🙂

I now only wish I’d levelled something on the Alliance side, so I could play through the Gnomeregan quest line too.  Ah well.. can’t have it all..

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