Renegade Ops

Renegade Ops, by Avalanche Studios and published by Sega, arrived in my Steam game collection over Christmas thanks to a friend.  Although Tim had already picked this up on the 360, the game has four player co-op, so having it on the PC as well was no bad thing!

While the Great Gift Pile objective list was up over Christmas, we had a quick go at it, with the aim of killing Santa and collecting one of his presents.. and although we discovered that the present only drops for one player, we had a lot of fun destroying things!

If your vehicle gets turned over, the game resets your position without taking up one of your lives.  This was just as well, because we crashed into each other a lot while slipping on the ice or even just trying to overtake each other.

We decided we should play the game properly..  though, that said.. we ended up playing the Coldstrike DLC before the original storyline.

The game has a choice of characters to play as: I played as Steam-exclusive Gordon Freeman, with the ability to summon a pack of Antlions.  During the chase for the objective, I had unlocked some upgrades which meant their deaths would spawn a health pack, or repair kit, depending on how you look at it 😉

As well as Antlion-related upgrades, I had the two other skill trees common to all characters: a defensive tree with upgrades to add extra lives, auto-repair and so on, and an offensive tree, with upgrades focused on improving weaponry.  I took a balance between the two trees as with friends, the game isn’t too hard and we were there to have fun!

For my secondary weapon, I found the Rocket Launcher and Flamer the easiest to use, with the Rail Gun less easy as you had to keep aiming at the target while charging, and I didn’t want to sit still.  I also continued the theme of crashing into everything as we went along, with plenty of smaller enemies and buildings being destroyed this way!

I really loved the sections of the game where we were given helicopters to control..

There was a little niggle in that we weren’t able to fly up and over certain obstacles, and had to go round.. but otherwise these were easy to fly, which meant I was able to focus on the destruction 🙂

The game is easy to play, though that coupled with playing in co-op meant more silliness and therefore more deaths.  Definitely a fun game, though!

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