PWI: Rising Call is Live

The PWI team is excited to announce that PWI: Rising Call, the latest content update for Perfect World Entertainment’s free-to-play fantasy MMO PWI: Sirens of War has gone live!

PWI Monkey Glory

Starting right now, players can dive into expanded and improved server-wide PVP, revamped high level dungeons, an all new way to boost their power and more.

“PWI: Rising Call is updating and improving some of our most popular and exciting content, including the amazing server-wide PVP system, Nation Wars,” said Product Manager Tony Liu.  “Our Nation Wars system has been incredibly popular among our mid to high level players, and we’re thrilled to be expanding it with new battlefields and new combat systems.  We’ve got a big update for one of our most popular classes, the Venomancer, the master of battle pets, as well as new quests, gear, fashion, mounts, pets, and more!  We’re bringing another level of fun and intensity for our players, and we can’t wait to see how Rising Call will further engage our players.”

PWI Hercules

For more details on PWI: Rising Call, visit the official site.

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