Preparing to Review: Hairy Tales

I was recently given a PC copy of Arges Systems’ Hairy Tales to review.  The game is out for PC, but also for iPhone, iPad and the Mac.  It’s also cheap.. only £2.99 on Desura, so go and get it 😉

Hairy Tales is a rather creative puzzle game featuring Lemming-like Hairys who need to be guided safely to the exit of each level.. dragging and turning tiles to allow them to collect mushrooms and avoid enemies.  The graphics and animations are rather fun too, especially the little Hairy.

Various solutions are possible for each level, allowing players to decide whether to go for an easy solution or a harder one, collecting all the mushrooms per level. Some levels need you to move tiles quickly, while others just need you to think a little first.. I prefer slower levels, but as I can choose an easier solution, I’ve not been really stuck yet.

As I’ve moved through the game, new items have been gradually introduced, changing the gameplay and keeping it all fresh. Well, except for the garlic, maybe.. eating garlic allows you to knock out an enemy with your breath! 😀

The one problem I’ve come across was in the first Boss fight, when the game zooms in to see the Hairy’s attack.  As my Hairy reached Chur for the second attack, I was still moving tiles from the far right of the screen.. my control was taken away by the game when it zoomed in, leaving the tiles I needed off-screen.  I then wasn’t able to zoom out and get back to them before the Hairy fell off the edge of the world!  This was a little annoying, but not enough to ruin the game by any means.

The desert tiles of the second world were a nice change, and here I was given a hammer to smash through the big stone obstacles.. rather fun 🙂

As a rule, I want to complete (or abandon) a game before finalising a score, but I love what I’ve played of this game so far.  I’ve finished the first world, and I’m most of the way through the second, desert world.. so unless something drastically changes between here and the finish, I’ll be giving this, my first properly reviewed game, a 5/5 rating!

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