Playing Kyn

I received review code this evening for Kyn, the classic role playing game from Tangrin and Versus Evil due for release at the end of next month.. and in these early hours of playing, it is love.

Kyn Load Screen

The game starts off with two newly inducted Magni Warriors, Alrik and Bram, leaving the cave where they have been locked away for a while.  They soon meet a farmer, who warns them that the Aeshir, a non-human race living nearby, are causing trouble.

Indeed they are, but there seems to be a moral question about the humans’ behaviour too!

So.. it seems the Aeshir are raising the dead!  Well, I can do that too.. both Alrik and Bram have the ability Rebirth, which revives the recently dead.  It can be used on your own warriors, or NPC guards and characters that you meet in the world, bringing them back with around a quarter health.

Kyn - Rebirth

And sometimes there’s a reward for bringing somebody back to life 😉

As well as Rebirth, Alrik is set up with Healing Winds, an AOE heal, whilst Bram has Terror, an AOE fear.

In combat, I’ve had the warriors trading blows with the enemy before switching to Bram and casting Terror, switching to Alrik and casting Healing Winds, then selecting both warriors to continue the fight..

Kyn - Terror

I’m looking forward to the hectic switching when I have six warriors to deal with!

Kyn is tougher than it looks too.  I’m playing on Normal difficulty as usual for a first try at a game, and I got swamped the first time I waded into an enemy camp.  While I’m thinking about difficulty settings, I have to say I quite liked the artwork on the difficulty selector.. great characterisation and expression!

Kyn - Difficulty Selector

I’ve completed the first Mission, having returned to Vinborg for our congratulatory feast.. and discovered that the Aeshir are causing more trouble here too!  Oh, and I’ve gained a follower.. a little fuzzy sheep! 🙂

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