Playing Around in Mount Hyjal

As I have a shiny new phone, I’ve added the free Mobile Authenticator.. which… got me the Core Hound Pup! 🙂

I spent most of today watching episodes of CSI while completing quests in Mount Hyjal.. ending up with Exalted status at long last!

The quests for infiltrating the Twilight’s Hammer cult were good, with some rather funny ones thrown in such as Agility Training: Run Like Hell! which had me run away from a Blazing Trainer for a minute, or the not-quite-polished Speaking the Truth to Power Quest, which asked me twice if vinegar was sour..

Impersonating an Ogre was funny, especially when I tried out the /dance emote to see this large fat character dancing and jiggling his belly!

One little fail..
I was sent to kill some Failed Supplicants, and made the mistake of expecting them to be somewhat resigned to their fate.. I jumped in the middle of the group and they all started fighting back. Oops.

The last part of this had me giving a Graduation Speech where I was to incite the Initiates to riot..
I was given a new set of abilities: Inspire, Incite and Pander.. and found it rather hit and miss as to whether I was using the right one at the right time. Eventually I had wound them up enough that they started rioting, leaving me free to rescue Jarod Shadowsong.

I added more pets to my collection.. picking up the Gold Mini Jouster from the Egg Wave quest in the Flamewake..

..and from Everlook’s Pet Collector, Michelle De Rum, the Winterspring Cub for 50 gold.

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