Path of Exile’s Open Beta Enters Second Phase

The second phase of Path of Exile‘s open beta begins this weekend!

Path of Exile - Open Beta Phase Two

The 0.11.0 patch completely rebalances Path of Exile, adding loot allocation, mini health bars and two new four-month leagues with difficult challenges!  The full announcement can be found here.

Anarchy and Onslaught Leagues
The Anarchy league contains hostile rogue exiles that roam Wraeclast and ambush players.  The Onslaught league is a Hardcore league with increased monster movement, attack and cast speeds.  Both new leagues contain exclusive new item types, Unique items and vendor recipes.  These leagues last for four months, leading up to the full release of Path of Exile in October.

Eight Challenges
One of the most common requests is for an achievement system.  As an experiment, there will be a series of eight difficult challenges in the new leagues.  Players who complete these challenges before 8th October will receive an exclusive T-shirt as a reward!

Complete Rebalance
Based on vast amounts of feedback and data, many of the core game systems have been rebalanced, with all characters receiving a one-use full passive reset.  Life passive skills are less necessary now and other defensive options such as Armour have been improved.

Path of Exile entered Open Beta in January and quickly reached 2.5 million users. The full release of Path of Exile is expected later this year.

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