Path of Exile launches on October 23rd

Path of Exile, a free to play action RPG set on the unforgiving continent of Wraeclast, will be officially released on October 23rd!

Path of Exile banner

A new class, the Scion, will be released along with an expanded Act 3 with new areas, monsters, quests and skills.  New PvP modes have been added too; Dueling, Tournament Seasons and Capture the Flag events.

Players will now also be able to form Guilds with their friends, and compete against other Exiles and face Guild Challenges.

Path of Exile is in development by Grinding Gear Games, an independent group of gamers who decided to build the sort of game they wanted to play themselves.  Development and the creation of additional content is ongoing, with future plans including updates every two weeks and expansions every four months.


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