Panda Crush

Last night’s foray into the Mists beta was an eye-opener.  So many people.. so much shouting, yelling and of course the spamming of broken macros over and over.  I had hoped a Saturday morning would have meant a little more space to breathe on the server.

My quest at hand was The Lesson of the Burning Scroll: snatch a flame from the Master and go to the top of the temple and burn the Edict of Temperance.

Note: you don’t do any snatching as the flame is simply added to your inventory as you accept the quest.. I saw lots of people spamming chat asking about the Flame, not realising that it had been added to their inventory.  Perhaps the quest has been done this way because players are clustering horribly on all quest givers and items, and if you had to actually click something in the Master’s hand, you’d be having problems like those trying to burn the Edict upstairs..

Uncountable masses of players were standing right in front of the spawn point of the Edict, some jumping, and many spamming “/c interact Edict of Temperance”.  This is part of a macro started as a joke that apparently doesn’t work at all.. not that it stops any of these people from trying, over and over again.

Guys, you’re meant to BURN the Edict, not spam it to death! 🙂

There are a few solutions floating around the web.. logging out and in again, hoping to catch the Edict before all the player models appear.. changing graphics to attempt the same.. or get into first person view, stand right in front of the Edict and jump up and down until the cog symbol appears.. and then there was this solution, to simply stand further back.. strange, but it actually worked.

So.. to burn the Edict of Temperance:

First you’ll need a clear screen.. so turn off player and pet names (Escape > Interface > Names > Untick Friendly Players and Friendly Units), then turn off all speech bubbles (Escape > Interface > Chat > Untick Chat Bubbles).

Stand just inside the doorway, and look towards the Edict.  You will be able to see it when it spawns, just above the heads of the other players (highlighted in the screenshot below).

When the Edict spawns, you should see a cog if you mouse over.. so long as nobody is jumping up and down, at least.. and then it’s just a matter of being fast enough 🙂

After getting past this particular bottleneck, things were easier for a while.. although things were still crowded, I was able to progress, going a little out of my way to beat up some Amberleaf Scamps, retrieve some supplies, and fend off attacking monkeys.

That was, until I got to The Challenger’s Fires.

This quest asks you to light your Challenger’s Torch at the Brazier of Flickering Flame, and then light another three braziers.. and yep, there was a crush around the Brazier, with people standing and sitting all over it.  Some idiots had even gone AFK!

Now.. I think the Blizzard devs should have anticipated this, and done something about it.

Items such as this could easily have a small box around it to prevent people standing or sitting on it.  As this is a brazier, of all things, it could burn those standing too close, ensuring that players approach, light their Torch and leave, instead of this.

The players themselves could have a little common sense, and stand back.. standing on the brazier doesn’t mean you’ll get to use it “first”.. all it means is that others will join you, and then nobody can interact with the item.  I guess I’ll try another race for now.. and leave the Pandaren area alone till the crush has gone.  I’m all for testing, but not for standing around doing nothing like this.

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