Old Games: Theme Hospital

I’ve had enough of the current crop of pre-order and retailer-exclusive-ridden, DLC and microtransaction-infested games.. and I’ve gone back to a slightly older game: Bullfrog’s Theme Hospital, from 1997!

Theme Hospital

We had to put the game in Windows Compatibility Mode (it didn’t want to run on 64-bit Windows!), the graphics are seriously low-res, and not so surprisingly, it crashes if I alt-tab.  But.. it has all the humour and gameplay that games should have!  I’m loving the old familiar diseases.. sending the patients with Bloaty Head for a pop and reinflation, or off for the squicky treatment for Slack Tongue.. and of course, for those illnesses my doctors can’t diagnose, there’s the dreaded Research Lab! 😉

With newer games, I have become used to better camera angles and way of viewing the world.  I ended up with rats in my second hospital, and just couldn’t find them to click and splat.  I assume the holes were on the walls I couldn’t see.. fortunately they didn’t cause me any problems as I completed the level soon after they’d arrived 😉

I just found out that there’s an open source reimplementation of Theme Hospital in development, called CorsixTH!  To play this, fans will need the original game.. but the game will include all the features of the original plus a few improvements.. and it’ll be in HD! 🙂

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