Old Games are still Good Games

We’ve been playing Gears of War again this last two weeks.  Having started the co-op campaign over a year ago, we ended up with more games, and more games, and just never got round to carrying on till now.

I forgot how much fun GoW is. I love the ugly, scarred face of Marcus, the oversized arms and impossible armour – that stuff would weigh too much to be able to run around all day!
I love the cover system, peeking out and shooting, and just hiding a little bit to recover from damage.

I don’t love running out of ammo, of course – or accidentally throwing away the Lancer for some other weapon.  I guess some of the other weapons may be better to use.. but they just don’t have the chainsaw bayonette!  My only gripe with the game is the split-screen – I just don’t feel like I’m getting enough of a view, especially when throwing grenades and looking for where they’re going to bounce.

We finished the co-op mission we started – Tim as Marcus, me as Dom, and instantly started another on the next difficulty, switching roles again.
Cue us both messing up loads as we kept looking at the wrong bit of the split-screen at crucial moments!

We have a copy of Gears of War 2 – this was bought last year – but so far remains untouched as we were going to finish the first game before starting the second.

Did I mention we have too many games? 🙂

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