Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus Release and New Features!

Team Ninja has just unveiled more details for Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus, along with a release date of 1st March 2013!

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus

New this time is Ninja Race mode, players race against the clock through a variety of courses, killing enemies to gain boosts and points.  The mode has a Combo Kill counter, which increases as enemies are killed, and while the gauge is filled, the player can deal more damage.

Ninja Race Mode

Tag Missions also provide a new way to combine the complementary strengths of any two characters, with the player controlling one character at a time, while the AI controls the other.  The player can switch between characters in real time to face different opponents and challenges.

Ryu’s attacks can be enhanced with powerful weapons including “Emma’s Fang”, a massive sword that can decimate foes with slow but powerful swings. Legendary tales say the fearsome blade grows even stronger when it becomes bloodied. Worn on the hands and feet, “Falcon’s Talons” can quickly cut enemies to pieces with special attacks including the Izuna Drop and the sliding, leg-cutting Thunderous Attack. Steel-reinforced hardwood “Tonfas”, which can be swung from both hands to brutally crush enemies with their special Heavenly Justice combo, provide another option for mass destruction.

Last but not least, those who pre-order NINJA GAIDEN SIGMA 2 PLUS will receive a DLC including unique, limited edition costumes for the female warriors Ayane, Rachel, and Momiji, ranging from Ayane’s light armor to Rachel’s seductively spiky dress revealing her demon blood, the costumes are designed for both action and style.

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