New Year’s Band Hero

Heading off for a New Year’s celebration of sorts, and taking the 360 and Band Hero with us and a copy of Guitar Hero 5.   Will see how that goes down with Tim’s family.. and if we run out of energy, there’s always the Wii..

Had a very late night last night, playing custom Warcraft III maps with friends. We played Tower Defense maps mainly, but we also went for a few rounds of “Run Kitty Run” which resulted in giddiness due to the insane music!  Some maps and game types have rather a steep learning curve, but the more basic tower defense games were very easy to get into.  Saying that though, I’ve played plenty of Tower Defense games in my browser, so I had a bit of an advantage!

Only slightly regretting how late it got – 2.30am – but what are holidays for if you can’t stay up late? 😉

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