New Star Soccer 1.5 is here

After listening to a wealth of feedback from fans all around the world, Simon Read is bringing a gargantuan update to the critically acclaimed, BAFTA award-winning New Star Soccer, including for the first time ever the option to be a female player!

New Star SoccerNew Star Soccer Player

With a remodeled career structure, which adds up to three save slots, New Star Soccer 1.5 allows players to retire in their prime. Not ready to retire? You’ll need to keep on top of your deteriorating skills to keep up with the youngsters! Affecting both on and off-pitch activity, New Star Soccer 1.5 is a total game changer.

On the pitch, focused play allows for a more strategic approach to matches, be it aggressive attacking, defending, or a more balanced play-style, while the introduction of headers change up the game and create new challenges for seasoned New Star Soccer fans. New boots bring with them swerve control, allowing skilled players to manipulate the ball in real time, bending it like only Beckham ever could! Additional commentary and all new post-match headlines are also included to up the authenticity.

Off the pitch there are all new lifestyle items for purchase, an updated league structure for the new season, and an overhauled interface including new artwork and pre-match location maps for all stadiums. Along with the ability for newcomers to play totally free until they decide to turn pro, New Star Soccer is bigger and better than ever before!

New Star Soccer is available from the Apple App Store for iOS devices, and the Google Play Store for Android devices.

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