New Galaxy for Conquer X2

OnNet Europe have announced the new seasonal galaxy, ‘Black Eyes’, for new European players in web-based strategy game Conquer X2.

Conquer x2

New visitors to Conquer X2 will have special advantages in both the new ‘Black Eyes’ galaxy and the already established ‘Andromeda’ galaxy, including a Credit Box I which contains a great Credit boost for new emperors.  Furthermore, if you apply one of the special codes you can get additional 200 Dark Force, 5x construction boosts and a Credit Box III.

In Conquer X2 each player rules as an emperor, managing the construction of their planets by building massive fleets of powerful flagships and specialised space vessels with the aim of destroying their enemies and ultimately conquering the universe. The new Lieutenant Valleros is available in both galaxies starting today and includes additional skills of +4 Defense and +1 Construction, as well as allowing friendly fire against Allied Empires.

Gamers can build over 35 different types of structures and complete missions to receive additional bonuses. For those emperors who want to rule in peace, the trade system provides countless opportunities to grow and settle disputes. The intricate espionage system allows emperors to obtain secret information from their competitors.

To participate in the new Galaxy Events, players can share the new ConquerX2 teaser movie to their Facebook newsfeeds to receive Dark Force, and new players who create a character and reach level 10 will receive an additional 200 Dark Force.

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