Neverwinter – Gauntlgrym Trailer

Once the thriving capital of an ancient Dwarven civilisation, the lost city of Gauntlgrym is now a battleground for level 60 adventurers in Neverwinter!

In this epic 40 player end-game event, competing heroes are divided into two factions of 20, and must wage war across three phases, which includes PvP and PvE encounters.

Neverwinter - Gauntlgrym 2

In Phase 1 – The Iron Tabernacle, players must work with their faction and fight through computer-controlled enemies.  Tasks include collecting elemental fire to light the Grand Forge and defeating Duergar forces to collect weapon parts and more.  Every task completed earns points, and the faction who earns the most points here will earn a resilience buff for the PvP battle in Phase 2.

In Phase 2 – The Armories of Moradin, the two factions face each other in a 20 vs 20 domination match!  During combat, players can build catapults to rain devastation down upon their enemies, or work to earn the loyalty and fighting prowess of the Fire Giants.  The primary aim of Phase 2 is to gain control of control five key points within Gauntlgrym, while fighting off prowling Beholders and Ogres.

The faction who earns the most points in Phase 2 will earn the right to enter The Dwarf King’s Crypt.

Phase 3 – The Crypts of Gauntlgrym, features an epic dungeon with Tier 2 equipment for the winning team.  The losing faction gains access to Tier 1 equipment.

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