Neverwinter – End of Open Beta Event!

Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter‘s Open Beta is coming to a close, but not quietly.. Valindra’s army is planning an attack on Protector’s Enclave!

Neverwinter - Valindra and Dracolich

On 14th June, ahead of the invasion, all enchantment and runestone rewards will be doubled, whether earned from questing, gathering nodes in the fields of Neverwinter, or looting treasure chests.  This boost will end prior to the start of the invasion..

The invasion begins at 8pm on the 17th June, when Protector’s Enclave will come under attack!

During the End of Open Beta Event, 5 locations around Protector’s Enclave that will be vulnerable to attack, where players can help fend off groups of enemies threatening the city.  Smaller groups of enemies will patrol the city, from the portals to the market area, looking to terrorize the denizens of Neverwinter too!

Whilst the Invasion event is running, players will receive an open mission for killing enemies while in Protector’s Enclave.  Portals will spawn at the top and bottom of the hour and stay open for 5 minutes then close.

The Finale of the invasion begins at 8am on 19th June, as even more dangerous and deadly creatures await their opportunity to destroy the city of Neverwinter.  Terrifying Unhallowed Wights will make their presence known throughout the Forgotten Realms by coming through the portals and patrolling the city!  These waves will be spaced 5 minutes apart.

For helping to keep Neverwinter safe during the Invasion and Finale, players may be rewarded with some amazing items which are unique to this event!  Throughout the event at the end of each portal wave, players will receive a bag of bones if they helped kill anything during the portal invasion.  Collected bones can be taken to Makos’ Apprentice in Protector’s Enclave, by the market plaza, and exchanged for rewards.  During the event, a Scroll of Deathly Aura may drop providing a minor buff to players’ characters while granting a fire aura, new unique enchantments may drop, which will provides two stat bonuses instead of one, and a new unique companion may drop during the last two phases.

Neverwinter will then finally go live on the 20th June!

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