Since a friend showed me his Netherwing Drake, I’ve wanted one.. however, it required Exalted reputation with Netherwing, and this has taken rather a long time to earn via quests in Shadowmoon Valley.

I met a random player in the Mines, who was looking for Netherwing Eggs.  He was under the impression that the only way to reach Exalted was via turning in the eggs.. but I found the quests were a more reliable source of reputation gains, and while slower, they were less frustrating.  I only found a few eggs after I’d started looking for them, and when I came across a suggested route, I discovered that flying and looking around gave me motion sickness!  This has to be due to flying, as I had no problems running around looking for Easter eggs during Noblegarden.

I finally made it to Exalted yesterday, and went back to Shattrath to claim my own Drake 🙂

I picked the Veridian Netherwing Drake as the quest reward, but have also been back to Netherwing Ledge to purchase the others for 200g apiece 😀

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