Need more time..

I made a little more progress in Final Fantasy VII the other night.. I will complete it eventually. 馃槈

While sitting by the pile of console games I realised how very few I’ve spent time on..聽 of these, I have completed less than 10.

Sure, some of these are duplicates of PC games, and some are yearly versions of games we are given through work.. but others are here because we they were wanted, and I’ve just not put the time in.

We’re probably going to end up swapping consoles around so I can still talk to friends via the PC while playing.聽 Yay for dual monitors 馃槈

We’ve also yet to pick up Fable III and Fallout: New Vegas.聽 These two will get played, no question.. Fable II was finished pretty quickly, and as for Fallout.. well, it’s Fallout, and has a special place. 馃檪

I think I need more time in the day..

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