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I’ve been struggling for quick answers to things in my new modded game, due to there being so many mods added all at once, and not being familiar with any of them to begin with.  Some things are easy to quickly look up.. for NPCs and villages: Millénaire, for creatures: Mo’ Creatures.

But green ore?

It turns out that the green ore in my little cave is uranium, and needs to be dug up with an iron pick.. but I had to ask a friend to find this one out.  Google searches for Minecraft tend to return lots of videos and installation guides.. and well, I just don’t have the time or inclination to wade through hours of video footage in the hopes of getting an answer to whatever question just came up.

I suppose most people come to the Technics pack after having played with various other mods, if not the specific mods included themselves.. whereas I’ve come to it through the pestering enthusiasm of a friend, and find it all a far cry from the comforts of vanilla Minecraft and the wiki..

My friend has now linked me to the Industrial Craft Wiki though, which should alleviate my frustration enough that I properly look at this side of the mod pack, instead of just hunting Ogres or watching the villagers build stuff.. though maybe I’ll watch a little more first, as I do want to see how much they’ll expand 😉

There was a death in the village today too!  A bear attacked a woman.. and after taking just a few hits, she disappeared in a little cloud of dust 😮

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