A couple of weeks back, I got into the beta for Aion, a visually impressive MMORPG by NCsoft, set on a divided world with two factions.. oh, and wings!
Getting there took a bit of persuasion and a free key from Eurogamer..  I thought the game would be full of whiny kids and con-artists, and rely on working as part of a team with these.

I used to play another MMO years back, a browser-based real-time strategy game.
To get anywhere in the game, you needed round-the-clock activity and a big alliance, and the bigger the alliance, the more time you had to devote, to the extent that people would phone you to summon you to your computer, literally, at any time of day or night.  In a small, friendly alliance, attacks and defense would be shared, but in the bigger alliances, you were told who to attack, who to defend, and what to build.. you defended other members of the alliance when required, and hoped they would defend you in turn.. so long as there was nobody higher up the food chain, of course. 😉
The bigger alliance also had their ‘personalities’, which you were expected to show loyalty to, no matter how obnoxious… That’s another story though 🙂

So – I was assured that I could play Aion alone if I wished, and join groups as and when.. so I figured I’d give it a go.  The beta went well, and I was surprised to find that the people I did interact with were almost all nice.  Except one.. some twonk followed me down a certain path, letting me take on all the beasties, waiting patiently while I healed between fights.. only to run in and attack the guy I’d fought to get to. >:(

Wasn’t too long to wait for him to re-spawn though.. and  I also really liked flying, when I finally levelled up enough, that is 🙂
I was joined by Tim for a while too:


Aion arrived at work in a pretty, shiny tin on Thursday, but I was only able to actually play yesterday, due to horrific queue times – in excess of one hour on Friday night!
Saturday morning was a bit quieter, and once I was in, that was it..


Play?  I should get paid for this; I spent 10 hours on it!
Still impressed with the graphics, though I was having some problems with slowdowns in busy areas.  I think my computer is nearing time for a reinstall of Windows, too.


So yeah, I left it at level 10, having just gotten my wings.  I’ve not yet met the enemy faction and the PvP which I’m really not sure about yet – I can only try and see, though 🙂

Overnight I’ve been hit with a message on Twitter, suggesting I try out Shaiya by Aeria Games, which is a free and has supposedly excellent PvP.  I’d view that with some suspicion normally, but I also spotted this on Destructoid.  Create an account on Aeria Games with a name starting “Dtoid” and get a character up to level 5 to be in a draw for an Alienware laptop.. so, that’s what I’m doing this evening!

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