Mists of OMG So Many Pandas

I finally got my own invite to the Mists of Pandaria beta this morning, having checked my email only minutes after finding out that the Diablo III beta is open this weekend as well!  Another weekend of beta gaming?  I nearly picked up some Relentless when we went shopping, too.

I’d been told the Pandaren starting area was busy.. but I don’t think I knew the meaning of “busy” before now!

All I could do for a minute was stare.. so many players..

I have never seen this many players in one place before, except during Man vs Machine, the 1000 player FPS/tech demo which ran in January.

As I passed a gateway, I saw there were just as many players in the next room.. and presumably the next few areas after that too!  Other players were complaining about lag and their clients crashing.. as well as yelling at other players to move, or just spamming the chat.

I tried out the first few quests, but found it laggy when interacting with objects and quest givers.. and during the task to spar with six Huojin Trainees, it was hard to find one that wasn’t already fighting another player!

What I saw of the animations looked quite good, but it’s hard to tell when everything’s so choppy.. maybe earlier on in the morning 🙂

I’m sure the devs are getting plenty of data from having this many people on, though!

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