After watching friends playing at i40, I was tempted to give Minecraft another go.

I wasn’t too keen on buying a game which might only add to the pile of unplayed games here..  however, if I spent a full weekend playing, then it would have covered the fairly low cost.  While I was debating whether to get it or not, Minecraft had become rather popular.. too popular for their servers, which fell over!  In a fairly brilliant move, Notch, creator of the game, decided to give Minecraft a free weekend.

Can’t argue with free.. and if the game was still interesting after playing, then it’d get a sale.

So during the free weekend, I spent rather a lot of time on a multiplayer server with friends.. after lots of messing around with the teleport command, I was exiled from the mainland and so began building my own base out of sand.
Of course, I teleported my friends away when they came to look.. the whole point of exile is that you’re on your own 😉

My base was eventually dubbed “The Kitchen”, with somebody placing a little wooden sign on an outside wall.

Multiplayer, like the rest of the game, is still a work in progress.. for instance, health hasn’t been fully implemented.  This means you can’t die, but also means you can’t kill zombies.
Damn.. just as I figured out how to create weapons too!

The server also became prone to crashes.. I don’t think it’ll be too long before an update fixes this though, as updates are frequent.

As we’ve not been able to get on the multiplayer server, I started another world at work.
Here, health is implemented, and I’ve been blown up by Creepers a good few times but also killed a good few zombies with my wooden sword 🙂

I also made a dodgy sandcastle, right next to my spawn point.  I’m building a bigger, better base, and have linked the buildings up with ‘safe’ fenced off, well-lit areas.  Monsters only spawn where it’s dark 🙂

I’m standing on what will eventually be my main building.

Yes, there are a lot of torches.  I like my light! 🙂

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