Minecraft – Super Pirate Battle Royale

A friend linked me to Rock Paper Shotgun’s article about Super Pirate Battle Royale for Minecraft.. two huge battleships with working cannons firing TNT!

I thought this was some kind of a mod, but it’s actually a map, which you can download from Planet Minecraft.  If, like me, you wanted to take a look around but don’t have access to a server, it does work in singleplayer!  To add the map into your game, just copy the folder into your .minecraftsaves folder (mine is C:UsersKristineAppDataRoaming.minecraftsaves).

The ships look amazing! 😀

The first step is loading the TNT.. and for this I was rather grateful the game was in Creative mode!  After loading the TNT, you place another TNT as the cannon ball, hit the button for the propellant, and then the button for the cannonball.. and watch as your lit TNT flies across to the other ship! 😀

Aiming is affected by the loading of TNT; loading only the right-hand side will make the ‘cannonball’ go to the left.  The more you load, the further the cannonball will go.  Distance is also dependent on the length of time you leave between hitting the buttons for propellant and cannonball.

About two seconds is right.. leave it too long and you’ll detonate the TNT while it’s still in the ship!

Oops! 😀

This is done using redstone wiring, with a bit of an explanation on the creators’ video.  Redstone is something I still have to take time to figure out, though..

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