Microprose announces Special Forces: Team X

Microprose has announced that team-based tactical shooter Special Forces: Team X, is to be published by Atari for the Xbox 360 and PC on 6th February 2013.

Special Forces Team X

Special Forces: Team X puts players in the role of an elite soldier in a Special Forces squad.  The game includes a unique map selection system which can be used to shape over 100 different battlefields with a variety of environmental pieces; players vault and clamber over objects as well as using them for cover.

STX supports asymmetric game play with 2-4 teams and 5 frenetic game modes, with rewards for co-operative play!  Weapons licensed for use in the game include the Kalashnikov, Colt, Famas, Sig Sauer and Mossberg, as part of a partnership with Cybergun.  All weapons can be upgraded and customised too!

Special Forces Team X cover

More details can be found on developer Zombie Studio’s website here.

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