Metro 2033

When I first heard of Metro 2033, all I could think of was how similar it sounded to Fallout.. humanity surviving underground following nuclear devestation, scavenging for survival, mutant creatures.   So, as I loved the Fallout series, I wanted this game from fairly early on.

Friday was launch day, and so I got home, installed the game and started there and then.  Another comparison to the Fallout games?  I found myself playing for a good few hours, barely noticing the time go past.  The atmosphere is amazing, especially in the Metro stations where you can hear everything that’s going on all around you.

On going outside in the polluted air, you need a gasmask.. for which you also need to keep topped up with air filters. How do you know when to change your filter?  Check your wristwatch! 🙂

Wearing the mask for extended periods will also lead it to fog up, making it harder to see.  If you’re fighting while wearing it, you’ll also notice it developing cracks, and eventually breaking..

Once there’s a hole in your mask, you need to change it for a new one (there will be a few laying around in places), or you will start to gasp, wheeze, and eventually keel over and die.

The weapons start off quite weak, especially when using hand-made bullets.  You could use the good, shiny bullets, which are much higher-powered, but since they double as currency, using them might mean you can’t upgrade your weapon at the next station.

In some areas, stealth is the way to go, and here I have to confess to enjoying picking the enemies off with throwing knives. 🙂

In others, the way to go is to simply blow stuff up.. and I just love fire! 🙂

Some of the monsters were frustrating, especially when low on ammo – I’m looking at you, Librarian – but it was nice to be challenged.  All in all, I thought there was a great mix of action and stealth, with a few puzzles and surprises thown in there as well.  I also enjoyed the last section, ‘Ethereal’; running away from the Dark One who wanted to kill me, before finally getting a weapon..  After dealing with him, I had my choice of ending: “If it’s hostile, kill it”, or “find the truth”.

Considering my track record of non-completion, and the fact I spent around twelve hours playing Garry’s mod with friends (I’m blaming the friends for the amount of time there).. I’m quite pleased with myself for completing this in the first weekend!

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