McDROID Demo and Greenlight Campaign!

Indie studio Elefantopia today announced that the demo for McDROID, their debut strategy game for Windows, Mac and Linux, has crash landed on Earth and is now available to download!


Fusing arcade, strategy and endless replayability to a sixties acoustic rock soundtrack, McDROID mixes up out-of-this world robot combat and alien mutation into something very unique that can be played on your lonesome or in drop-in/drop-out co-op mode with friends.

McDROID is a modular weapon droid with expertise in combat and farming.  While travelling through the deepest darkest fringes of unexplored space, McDROID’s shuttle collides with space debris and crash lands on the unchartered Planet M. Survival is paramount as McDROID defends the crashed shuttle and his only means of escape.

Players control McDROID and protect both shuttle and crops against various types of mutants and mutations, either head-on with weapons, or by deploying weapons and experimental creatures on the map to let them do it for you!

McDROID is currently in a paid beta phase, with launch due in Spring 2013, and is available on Desura for £7.99.  The Elefantopia team has also launched the official McDROID Steam Greenlight Campaign which you can vote for now.

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