Max Payne 3, Tomb Raider, and More Bundles

Rockstar Games’ Max Payne 3 is out today.. along with the Rockstar Pass, which provides access to all the planned DLC as it is released over the year: five map packs, and Deathmatch and Co-op modes have been confirmed this far.  Max Payne 3 is on my wanted list, but I’m probably going to wait for a Game of the Year edition.

Tomb Raider‘s release date has also finally been announced: 5th March 2013, worldwide!  There’s also a new trailer out, with some gameplay showing poor Lara being put through her paces!

Also out at the moment: three more indie bundles! These are the Indie Royale’s Graduation Bundle, the Bundle in a Box, and the fifth Humble Indie Bundle!

The Indie Royale’s latest offering is the Graduation Bundle, available as pay what you want scheme, with a current minimum price of £3.26.  Games in this bundle are: Ice-pick Lodge‘s adventure game about a recently departed soul, The Void, CSR-Studios‘ zombie shooter and Indie Royale-exclusive debut Dead Pixels, Blazing Griffin‘s murder-mystery The Ship, Brandon Brizzi‘s open world puzzle game 1000 Amps and Monster Jail Games‘ downloadable platformer LaserCat.

The bonus games in this bundle are AirMech, an action-strategy by Carbon Games, and Ichi, a one-button puzzle game by Stolen Couch Games.  There’s also an AirMech Steam PC Beta key and in-game redeemable graduation cap, granting an extra 5% XP to players using the item.  There’s also a music based bonus for those who pay at least $7 for the bundle, as they will also receive a copy of Cheap Dinosaurs’ self-titled chiptune album!

The Bundle in a Box is a new bundle, but follows the usual pay what you want scheme with a minimum price (currently $0.99), bonus games to unlock by paying more than the average, and soundtracks which unlock in line with increasing sales.

Games in this bundle are: Gemini Rue, an adventure game by Joshua Nuernberger and Wadjet Eye Games, Ben There, Dan That, the point and click comedy game by Size Five Games, and sequel Time, Gentlemen, Please!, 1893: A World’s Fair Mystery, an interactive fiction adventure by The Illuminated Lantern, and exclusive debut The Sea Will Claim Everything, a cartoon adventure by Jonas Kyratzes. Those who beat the average (currently $4.95) will also receive adventure game The Shivah, by Wadjet Eye Games, and point and click adventure Metal Dead, by Walk Thru Walls Studios.

The fifth Humble Indie Bundle contains Frictional Games‘ survival horror Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Double Fine‘s action-platformer Psychonauts, Playdead’s moody puzzle-platformer LIMBO and adventure game Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, by Superbrothers, CAPY and Jim Guthrie.

By paying more than the average (currently $7.64), gamers can also unlock Bastion, a rather amazing action-RPG by Supergiant Games!  I think this is the best bundle yet.. though I already own most of them! 🙂

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