Mass Effect 3 – Demo Availability

The demo for BioWare‘s highly-anticipated action RPG Mass Effect 3 is planned for launch on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on February 14th.

Single-player will be available to all, and features two sections from the game: the opening level featuring the Reaper attack on Earth, and a level from later on in the game, where Shepard travels to an alien home world to request assistance in the war effort.

The co-op multiplayer demo is only available to those who have a an activated Battlefield 3 Online pass: this part of the demo opens up to everyone else on February 17th.  This demo features two maps: Slum and Noveria.

Xbox 360 players can win codes to get early access to the demo via a Facebook app, or via Twitter giveaways such as this one.

Our impressions of the single-player demo can be found here.

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