Marvel Heroes Fire & Ice PvP Live!

Gazillion Entertainment have just launched the new Player versus Player (PvP) mode, Fire & Ice, for the free massively multiplayer online action RPG, Marvel Heroes!  Gazillion has also revealed that the kinetically charged, card-flinging X-man from Bourbon Street, Gambit, also makes his debut as a playable hero this month.  Both serve as extensions to Marvel Heroes’ largest content release to date, Game Update 2.0 – Asgard.

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Fire & Ice brings a brand new PvP combat mode to Marvel Heroes, pitting two teams of five players against one another.  Players are tasked with guarding allied giants and defeating enemy giants as they move to destroy the opposing team’s base while protecting their own.  During each battle, players receive Runestones for defeating enemy players and giants, which can be traded for offensive and defensive PvP buffs, as well as various utilities.

At the end of each match, players receive rewards (experience, credits, and more) based on the overall outcome and stats.  By participating in Fire & Ice, players may also earn a new form of currency, Asgardian Crowns, which can be used to purchase a new tier of PvP items.

While more information and materials related to Gambit are still scheduled to hit alongside his launch this month, but in the meantime, Gazillion has also released this new trailer for Loki, Marvel Heroes’ first playable villain.. check it out here!

Last week, Marvel Heroes released its largest free content update yet with Game Update 2.0 – Asgard.  With Asgard, players experience a new story, venture into a new social hub, Odin’s Palace, select from a new hero starting lineup of nine, and equip all-new Legendary items. A full list of updates from Game Update 2.0 – Asgard can be found here.

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