Majesty 2 – The Royal Feat

I picked up fantasy kingdom sim Majesty 2 a while back, and though I found the tutorial and first few missions fairly easy, I ran into a bit of a brick wall at The Royal Feat.  In order to prove my worth to the people of Ardania, I must perform a Royal Feat: that is, kill Rafnir, the oldest and most cunning of dragons!  As Rafnir is nearly invulnerable, thanks to various magic, I also have to seek out a witch and do her bidding so that she will remove this protection.

My Sean Connery sound-alike advisor said that Rafnir would attack if he sees my flag.. but I found him marauding through my kingdom on day 2, before any of my buildings were even completed and certainly before I’d set any flags!

On this first visit, Rafnir informed me that he didn’t come here to eat my underfed heroes.  Well, as I didn’t have any buildings yet, I didn’t even have any heroes!  Before he flew away again, he blasted away the progress I had made on my Ranger’s Guild..

I wasn’t too annoyed by this at first.. after all, you start with plenty of money.. but then the first group of Serpents appeared..

Since I had to start again with the Ranger’s Guild, and the Cleric’s Guild was still only half-built, I had no way of fighting them off, and could only watch them attacking my unfinished buildings.  As if that didn’t put me at enough of a disadvantage, more groups of Serpents had arrived by the time my first heroes appeared.

I quickly lost a Ranger, which meant a Skeleton-producing Graveyard appeared too!

On my next attempt at the level, I placed all my buildings south of the Palace, with a Guard Tower in the way to try and draw the dragon’s attention.  Rafnir flew straight past the part-built tower and destroyed my Marketplace, so I assume his attack is random, though with a preference for the north-most buildings.

The loss of the Marketplace put me on the back foot just as much as losing a Guild had, as my heroes had nowhere to buy potions and feed my economy.. as the Rangers couldn’t heal themselves and wouldn’t stay close to the Clerics, I had to keep using the Sacred Heal, at 250 gold per time; I quickly ran out of money and then heroes.

Building to the south had uncovered a spot for a Trading Post; when I finally managed to build on it, the regular caravans made a massive difference to my economy.. and with more money I was able to pay my heroes more, so they were able to purchase more upgrades and level up in combat.

I also found one of the first Snake’s Nests just south of my Kingdom.. there are a few nests nearby at the start of the game.

I posted a good reward so there would be plenty of heroes around, as destroying any nest causes all the enemies within to spawn at once.

My strategy was to wipe out all the nearby nests before looking for the witch, so the heroes weren’t all needed for defense.  Although I mainly used Rangers and Clerics, I built Wizards and Rogues Guilds for the Enchant Weapon and Poison Weapon skills.  I find Wizards and Rogues rather too squishy, although at least the Rogue tends to run away when hurt.. Cleric heroes were my favourites, thanks to their healing ability and willingness to fight.

Lightning Elementals started appearing at the southeast just after I’d set out to find the witch, though, and they were a bit too close for comfort.

I spent all my remaining money on the reward for the Seat of the Elementals to get it destroyed as quickly as possible.. the Elementals hit very hard, sending heroes flying, so the fewer it could produce, the better.

The witch wanted me to destroy three Minotaur Pyramids before she would help me.  I had built my Dwarven settlement by this point, and found their towers strong enough to repel almost all the stray Serpents and Minotaurs back at the Kingdom.  My heroes were up to the challenge as they’d levelled up clearing nests and fighting, and bought upgraded gear.

If I’d rushed to the witch, I think I’d have been stretched too far to try and take on the Pyramids as well as protect my Kingdom.. but I was free to attack each in turn.  Once I’d destroyed all three, the witch removed Rafnir’s magical protection.. however, he still had 25,000 hp and his fiery breath!

I had uncovered his lair, but the advisor said not to attack that.. instead I stuck my attack flag on Rafnir himself.  I then watched my heroes run eagerly to engage the dragon, chase him back to his lair, and then wander away again as he and the flag disappeared.. only to repeat the cycle when he came out for another timed sweep of the map! 😀

Eventually I attacked Rafnir’s lair, ignoring my advisor’s protests.. we destroyed it quickly, and Rafnir then came to my kingdom and stayed there, continually attacking.  Even with a large force attacking him, he took a while to kill, and caused rather a lot of damage while he was at it!

I really think this game is the hardest at the beginning of a level, getting easier and easier as your heroes level up.

With The Royal Feat, Rafnir’s first attack is the most influential; if he attacks your Guild or Marketplace to start with you’re going to struggle, losing time and money on the buildings, and having a weakened defense for the first Serpent attacks.  Losing a hero weakens your defense and increases the number of enemies thanks to the Graveyard, which you can’t destroy.

If you get lucky with Rafnir’s attack, or if he only flies through without attacking, and you start to get a couple of heroes levelled up, they’ll protect your buildings and make it much easier to level other heroes up.. and the more heroes, the easier any fight, even against “the oldest and most cunning of dragons”! 🙂

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